What to do to win online fish shooting gaming

The table games of online fish shooting at has attracted thousands of people with a graphic interface that is just beautiful and the great value in prize. Playing it is not difficult and, thus, very easy to win. But as a smart player, you require to have your strategies so that you collect a huge amount of coins in the game without the need to spend a lot of money. It is a way that makes players play a game of exchanging prize in winning a great victory instead of having to rely on luck.

The following are some of the strategies you could embrace:

Shoot enough bullets, and the fish will die

Some people believe that, by shooting enough bullets, the fish will be able to die and consider it to be a tactic that can be used. There are fish 4 points after you can shoot up to 10, and it will die. But you need to know that there are other fish with only 1 or 2 bullets, they die, yet you shoot others with 6 bullets, and they don’t die. It is only when you shoot with 10 bullets that such fish will die.

Use the mustache tactics

There are players who have the mentality of focusing on shooting the big fish to win more points and ignore the small fish. It is a wrong strategy for playing fish shooting, especially if you are a newbie; you don’t have to risk playing in such a way. Apart from not killing the fish, it makes you lose bullets and points as well.

In case a stray bullet makes the fish die, whether a fairy fish or a small fish, the score will not be yours. You will need to take advantage of the fish’s small angle shot machine as it has a mass mode of shooting for dead fish bullets. You can utilize the following strategies:

  • Ensure to turn the barrel around continuously on the table around and then start shooting one after the other so that there are no two bullets which go in the same direction. If they go in the same direction, they will only hit one fish. If it is a fish 2 points, then it will not die.
  • You have to shoot slowly so that each bullet goes in one direction, hitting one target. If it is a big fish, you will need to focus on shooting 1, 2, or 3 tables.
Katen Lee
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