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The Top 5 Dedicated Live Bitcoin Casino Platforms

The Gambling industry has grown profoundly over the last 5 years. Innovations across the gaming ecosystem and financial payments technology are some key drivers of this growth. The last half a decade has seen a generational shift from traditional gambling casinos to decentralized gambling casinos. The latter is hosted on the blockchain and they support cryptocurrencies as their primary mode of payment.  There are so many benefits associated with gambling on a Bitcoin casino, the main ones being privacy, anonymity, security and speed. Here are some benefits  of playing Bitcoin casino games:

  1. Convenient – Payment transactions through crypto are superfast. Deposits and payouts are processed within minutes. You never have to wait for hours or days before receiving money in your account.
  2. Affordable – Transaction fees are low on the blockchain compared to traditional banking payment methods. This means your gambling venture is affordable and reliable.
  3. Anonymity – Blockchain transactions afford users the luxury of anonymity and complete privacy. It becomes impossible for anyone to track your gambling activity or any associated transactions.
  4. Tamper proof – Blockchains might require intensive computing resources to penetrate or hack. This means the chances of cyber attacks are low and that transactions taking place across cryptocurrencies are secure.

Where do I Play Bitcoin Casino Games?

RocketPot gives you a chance to play crypto casino games. The site has a wide selection to choose from. All of the games it offers are exciting and are designed to make you win big. You will love the user experience, the massive jackpots and the bonus promotions.

What is RocketPot?

RocketPot is an online crypto-gambling casino with some of the most popular Bitcoin slot games. The platform supports multiple cryptocurrencies as payment options. These include BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, NEO, BNB and USDT. Furthermore, the platform also supports fiat currency just in case users are uncomfortable with the volatility of cryptocurrencies.  The casino urges everyone to play confidently as the team behind it is honest, experienced and versatile.

One thing users will like is the wide selection of 4,000+ games. All of which, RocketPot sources from up to 56 providers. The entire library has the quality and entertaining games with winning chances at 100%. Gamblers need to have an immersive experience, and this gambling site provides that experience.

Features of RocketPot

Exclusive Live Casino Bitcoin Slots – RocketPot is the best crypto casino where you can access over 3000 Bitcoin slots online. The majority of the slots feature hefty bonus packages and progressive jackpots of up to 20 ETH. Winners receive rewards by multiplying the stake value with accumulated credits. The total arrives at the end of the winning combination. This means the more you keep playing, the higher the jackpot you can win.

Stress-free gaming – This platform provides countless stress-free gaming. Hence you are never too late to win. Therefore, you do not have to squeeze in some game time in between your work schedule. You have the freedom to wait until after you are free. Therefore promoting a healthy gambling culture.

RocketPot does not take your needs for granted –  The game has a design and business model that puts the customer first. Gambling has grown into a demanding venture, hence gamers need an adaptive, robust and flexible bitcoin slots platform. There are loyalty points, numerous cash bonus packages and free spins. You will never run dry of fun.

Other Bitcoin Online Casinos


Xbet is a Bitcoin-based online betting platform with thousands of markets around Football, basketball, tennis and so on. There are three popular choices for gamers, Home, Draw and away. However, players can choose from tens of alternatives within one game. The platform processes payouts in either Bitcoin, Ethereum or Fiat.


Bitcasino is an affiliate gaming casino of the official website. The platform provides a plethora of casino markets and supports multiple cryptocurrencies for payments. Bitcasino has a diverse gaming community where players can derive support. Furthermore, the platform has a dedicated FAQ section to guide users.

Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino is our fourth cryptocurrency gambling platform with a wide selection of games. The platform offers support for crypto as a payment option. They also have a dedicated customer support team and a thriving community. The platform says on its site that they have to license from the Malta Gaming Authority and have already undergone several audits.


Cloud.IO is an amazing cryptocurrency gambling site with a wide selection of casino games to choose from. The games are built through a partnership with more than 40 providers. This gambling site also has to license and has already undertaken several audits. The platform has in place several bonus packages for awarding loyal customers.

How to Choose the Best Platform to Play Bitcoin Slots Online

The success of a great gambler lies in their choice of gaming platform. There are 3 important features to consider when settling on any Bitcoin casino platform:

Bonus and promotions –  Do not just consider a gaming casino for its bonus packages. Learn how to double-check and remember to inquire whether an advertised bonus is indeed existent. Sometimes gaming sites promote dubious bonuses to lure innocent gamers into online fraud schemes. This will result in the loss of all your funds upon depositing. It is vital to analyse what bonuses exist, are and whether they are honest and fair.

Payment options – Consider all available payment options and make sure you have an option that’s suitable for your needs. Cryptocurrency payments are pretty flexible. Hence an online casino with several crypto options is the best.  RocketPot supports 10+ cryptocurrencies including BTC and USDT. If you are a fiat person, consider a platform that can process your deposits/payouts in either VISA or Mastercard. You also need to have a complete understanding of using crypto wallet features before indulging in BTC casino games. Payment options are perhaps the most important consideration when finding the best BTC casino game platforms.

Customer support –  A good gambling platform has reliable customer support. No one wants to wait a lifetime for customer support to respond to their emails. Maybe they do not even respond. That would be a big problem, right? You need highly responsive customer support at any casino. This will ensure your support ticket is opened on time and you get a reply within 24 hours.

Plenty of games – The best online casinos have a wide selection of quality games to choose from. This ensures you don’t get bored. Having all the games offer possibilities of winning big is a big benefit of having a wide choice. RocketPot has at least 3000+ Bitcoin slot games you can play. Both slots and other games total over 4000.

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