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The Tips and Tricks of Playing and Winning Bingo Online

Playing bingo is based on luck, and this is good news for players. It means that every player has an equal chance of winning. However, there are tricks to increase your odds of winning and enjoying the entire experience, whether you play in a hall or on a website. As long as you understand what bingo is all about and master the strategies, you can escalate your chances of winning and enjoy your time. Here are the tips and tricks of playing and winning bingo.

  • Get Experience

You may play bingo without experience since the rules are simple. However, you require more than knowing the rules to win the jackpot. You ought to recognize the prize and the criteria to win it. One of the best ways of learning new skills is by using the best bingo sites online. Here, you learn new skills and new strategies to help familiarize yourself with the game. There are many online sites where you can play bingo and win real money. You only need to know them and learn the tricks used to play. Another way you will gain experience is by making good use of chat rooms. Talk to other bingo players to learn more about the best strategies to use and the tricks of winning.

  • Timing Matters

Time is a critical factor when playing bingo. You must locate a card quickly. When playing bingo, do it when you have enough time throughout your day. It is advisable to avoid playing bingo during peak hours like lunchtime, weekends, or evenings. Choose a time when the players are few although the number of bingo players does not make a big difference. However, choosing a time when there is little competition, and some quietness will increase your chance of winning.

  • Use Multiple Cards

Online bingo differs from traditional bingo. First, you are restricted to the number of cards you can use in bingo. For instance, you are allowed to buy 250 cards or more in online games, while traditional bingo games allow a lower limit. Secondly, online bingo marks out the called-out cards automatically. On the other hand, you must listen and call out your card in a traditional bingo game. The best way of increasing your winning odds is by playing multiple cards. Having more cards means you are more likely to come across a number when it is called out.

  • Master the Strategies

Well, online games are more of generating numbers. So, it is easy to play. However, with the high competition and huge prizes to win, it is obvious that some individuals have come up with various winning strategies. There are two main strategies in bingo; the Granville strategy that was developed by Joseph Granville and the Tippett strategy developed by Leonard Tippett. These rely on selecting the card to play and identifying the win patterns.

  • Budget

Bingo is a game of chance and that means the chance of winning or losing is 50%. You might be lucky at some point, but it is not easy to predict when. Therefore, before you play, take some time to budget your money. Know how much you are willing to lose and stick to that. Once you lose the amount you had planned for don’t play again.


These are the trick of playing and winning bingo. Before you play, gain experience, time well, budget, and learn the strategies. It will increase your chance of winning.

Katen Lee
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