Play Exciting Lightning Dice Online and Get the Best Winnings on YesPlay

People who are not into gambling may not even realize how much dice games are a part of the casino world. At the moment, there are hundreds of dice variations that can be played in online and land-based casinos around the world. Dice games have always been quite popular in South Africa where a lot of people truly appreciate the thrill that comes with playing casino games. Lightning dice is one of the most popular dice games and for good reasons. It is simple, fast, and there is no possibility for you to get bored. What is more, you have a great chance of winning large sums.

What are the rules of lightning dice?

As one can imagine, dice games shouldn’t be difficult or require years of experience. This is definitely true, so Lightning Dice won’t surprise you with its difficulty level. In this simple game, the presenter uses three six-sided dice during a round. It is possible to place a bet on the sum that will be obtained from throwing all three dice. You have the choices from 3 to 18, which means that the possibility of winning is quite high compared to the majority of famous lotteries. There is an opportunity to place a bet on all 16 spots at the same time.

One characteristic of Lightning Dice that should be mentioned is that certain random numbers during a round will come with the so-called lightning multiplier. This makes the game particularly profitable, so it is no wonder that players around the world choose Lightning Dice. Being a game of sheer luck, this exciting game is ideal for beginners that may know nothing about gambling. You can win on your first try, as no special skills are required.

Enjoy the benefits of Lightning Dice on YesPlay

Playing Lightning Dice online is now even easier than you may think. YesPlay is a gambling platform where you can play a variety of dice games wherever you are in the world. In addition to the Lightning Dice variant, there are also other exciting dice games that you may want to try. All of them have simple rules and don’t require any preparation. The options include the following:

  • Mega Sic Bo
  • Craps
  • Dice Duel
  • Bac Bo
  • Sic Bo
  • First Person Craps
  • Super Sic Bo

You can join live streams of the mentioned games at any moment and get a chance to win incredible prizes. All you need is to register on YesPlay and you are ready to get your first winnings!

Katen Lee
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