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Managing Change – The Card Game of Life

Do you love change and blossom with all that it brings into your life? Or then again do you look for just to adapt to and endure change? Or on the other hand maybe you maintain a strategic distance from it no matter what! While we can mentally comprehend that change is a characteristic and unavoidable piece of life, when change thumps noisily at our entryway, how are you going to respond? Your impression of progress can influence whether you grasp it or evade it. At the point when you comprehend change is a procedure, much like playing a round of cards, you can modify your impression of it and become more quiet.

There are 4 stages to the Card Game of Life. The Shuffle, The Deal, Play the Game and the Toss-In.

Stage 1 – SHUFFLE

This stage is an “opportunity” to sincerely mend, reflect and research and quest for new bearings. This stage starts with the experience of surviving or managing the misfortune from the “hurl in” stage, as it generally takes a consummation or conclusion so as to locate a fresh start. Those in this phase of progress will assess their lives, assess their fundamental beliefs and sentiments, and survey what is extremely significant throughout everyday life. Toward the finish of this pattern of progress, they will have an arrangement to develop, new quality, another sentiment of direction and expectation and start another fantasy.

A mentor will assist customers with making a move and start “some place”. They will tune in and recognize the customers dread and tension and challenge their constraining convictions that may keep them away from proceeding onward. Together they can make a move plan and make the main gradual steps to the Deal stage.

Stage 2 – DEAL

This is an activity stage, a period for testing, preparing and organizing. This is the place the arrangement that was created in the mix stage is pushing ahead. There is a ton of good faith at this phase as course has been found. Certainty flourishes and there is an enthusiasm to stretch to arrive at new statures.

The mentor will enable the customer to finish on all parts of the arrangement and urge them to reaffirm why they are moving toward this path. They will move the customer past constraining convictions that may keep them down and keep them concentrated on their objectives.


This is a generally positive time of the cycle when customers look for execution of the arrangement. While this stage is generally connected with progress, it can likewise be the setting for disillusionment, mishaps and new difficulties. This stage is when most plans will work if individuals can just “escape their own specific manner!”

Here the mentor causes the customer to concentrate on the second and forward activity. They will have the customer make sense of what is working and assist them with utilizing that to address what isn’t working so well. Generally significant, the mentor ought to remind the customer that achievement is all the while.

Stage 4 – TOSS IN

In this world, everything reach a conclusion. Now and again things end with a “disappointment” and different occasions with a “triumph”. In any case, individuals are infrequently prepared for the cycle to end. Regardless of whether it is an occupation, a relationship, or any part of an objective or task, individuals in this piece of the cycle are typically troubled and uncertain of things to come.

Individuals can will in general abide in this stage, perhaps on the grounds that they feel deceived and immobilized by circumstances and powers outside their ability to control. They may whine and report sentiments of torment and will remain thusly until they can discharge antagonism. Toward the finish of this cycle, there can be a condition of “hibernation” or “casings” which in the end passes and makes the way for another life.

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